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E-cigarettes reduce sperm count — study – The Times of Israel
The Times of IsraelE-cigarettes reduce sperm count -- studyThe Times of IsraelAccording to the study, which was presented at the Fertility 2017 conference in Edinburgh last week, men who smoke electronic cigarettes have less potent and a lower quantity of sperm than the average male, making it more difficult for them [more]
The same concept applies to electronic cigarettes and vaping. Although arguably not as toxic as conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are ... [more]
While there are those who have predicted that e-cigarettes are a passing trend that will fizzle out, e-cigarette sales figures show anything but that. Increasing taxes and restrictions on e-cigarettes and vaping may have made it harder for smokers to purchase and use the safer alternative, but determination to kick [more]
Our VaporFi Vox 80 TC review tests out the portable powerhouse box mod from the people at VaporFi: does it blow all the previous incarnations of the Vox out of the water?The post VaporFi Vox 80 TC Review appeared first on E cigarette Reviewed. [more]
Smoant Battlestar Review
Introduction – The Battlestar Mod by Smoant The first time I saw any Smoant equipment was at Vaper Expo 2016 and I must say I was intrigued by what I saw, although much was pre-release. The Smoant Battlestar is a dual 18650 temperature control mod, much in the style of the Wismec RX2/3 [more]
Harm reduction. That’s been the key argument for switching from cigarettes to vaping. But what if vaping didn’t just to lead to harm reduction but harm reversal? Professor Polosa has been studying the effect vaping has on patients with blood pressure and asthma, and kindly agreed to answer [more]
Banning e-cigarettes could increase cancer – e-cigarettes could increase are a much safer, tobacco-free alternative to smoking and have helped millions of smokers around the world to quit. They provide the nicotine to which smokers are addicted and the familiar hand-to-mouth smoking ritual, but without all the ... [more]
Under a new administration, should retailers expect any lessening of federal controls of tobacco products such as e-cigarettes? By CSD Staff. Tobacco ... [more]
Dr. Stanton Glantz, a major opponent of e-cigarettes and vaping, is excited over the results of a study that was conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University. The study shows that students who tried e-cigarettes were 3.4 times more likely to be smoking real cigarettes a year later. This fits right into Glantz’[more]
If you're looking to get into rebuilding, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge variety of RDAs and RTAs to choose from. So which are the best options? We’ve surveyed thousands of vapers to come up with a definitive set of recommendations for the best RTA atomizer and [more]
Apollo VTube 5.0 and Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank Review
Do We Have Lift Off With the V Tube 5.0 from Apollo? After vaping on more than a few Nano mods recently getting my hands on the Apollo VTube 5.0 was a bit of a shock to my vaping system – this tube mod is a monster! California based Apollo has the ‘space [more]
Lightning Vapes Review With extremely cheap e-liquid at $22 for 120 ml, Lightning Vapes wants to be your one-stop shop for wick, wire and all things vaping. Read my review. Continue reading → Vapegrl [more]
Help us research our next blog post and you could be in with one of three chances to win some delicious Cheap Thrills E-Liquid (you choose the flavour)! We’re currently researching PG allergies and sensitivities. The survey takes just a minute or two to complete, and of course you [more]
Now a warning that e-cigarettes could damage sperm: Toxic chemicals in the flavourings found to make sperm swim … – Daily Mail
Daily MailNow a warning that e-cigarettes could damage sperm: Toxic chemicals in the flavourings found to make sperm swim ...Daily MailElectronic cigarettes have been found to damage men's sperm through toxic chemicals in the flavourings. The latest study to raise health concerns about the fashionable devices found cinnamon-flavoured e-cigarettes [more]
Officials at the National Park Service (NPS) are proposing a ban on all electronic cigarette devices throughout the U.S., claiming that the vapor ... [more]
The e-cigarette tax law in Pennsylvania is about to get challenged by a company that is refusing to accept the new legislation, and it’s based right in Clarion, Pennsylvania. CPBJ, the state’s premier business journal, reported earlier this week that the Oesterling family, which owns Kingdom Vapor Inc. [more]
E-cigs and the effects of secondhand vapor
In today’s society, we are constantly warned about the dangers of smoking around others – particularly babies and children. But does the same apply to vaping? As you may or may not be aware, e-cigarettes are becoming subject to bans in an increasing number of cities, despite there being little [more]
Our VaporFi Vex 150 TC review takes an in-depth look at the dual battery box mod: is it one to pick up, or one to leave at the vape store?The post VaporFi Vex 150 TC Review appeared first on E cigarette Reviewed. [more]
Coolfire Mini with Slipstream Tank Review
Introduction: The Much Anticipated Coolfire Mini From Innokin It’s the rise of the ‘mini mods’ or so it appears judging from the sheer amount of tiny stealth vaping nano mods currently on the market. As a long time user of Innokin’s Coolfire series – to get my hands on [more]
SMOK H-Priv Review The SMOK H-Priv heats coils instantly, looks great and costs next to nothing for the functionality. I love it. Read my review and grab the coupon code. Continue reading → Vapegrl [more]
The FDA’s disastrous deeming regulations for e-cigarettes are all based around the legal definition of “tobacco product”: “Any product made or derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption, including any component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product.” This means that e-juice is a “tobacco product” because [more]
Increased use of e-cigarettes would assist smokers to quit, study finds –
RTE.ieIncreased use of e-cigarettes would assist smokers to quit, study findsRTE.ieShe said: "HIQA's analysis shows that increased uptake of e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting would increase the number of people who successfully quit compared with the existing situation in Ireland and would be cost-effective, provided [more]
Electronic cigarette users are more at risk of lung damage if they use flavourings such as menthol and butterscotch, according to a new study by ... [more]
Despite evidence of the relative safety of e-cigarettes compared to smoking, scare tactics from government agencies continue, and they are apparently working. Surveys show that the number of people who believe that e-cigarettes are as dangerous or even more dangerous than tobacco smoking has increased. But experts who who know [more]
Work out how much you have saved since quitting tobacco with this free calculator
If you are a smoker or former smoker, you’ve probably spent more money on cigarettes and smoking-related expenses than you realize. Smoking does wonders not only for your health, but your bank balance to. From saving money on healthcare treatments for smoking-related problems, to problems with gaining affordable insurance, [more]