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UA trauma surgeon seeing rise in burns from electronic cigarettes University of ArizonaEurekAlert (press release)"These cases are among the first recognizing thermal injuries sustained from the lithium-ion batteries contained in electronic cigarettes, which means there's a need for increased awareness of the safety hazards associated with e-cigarettes,&[more]
MADISON, Wis. - Two proposals before Congress would remove FDA oversight from the e-cigarette industry. One, which is attached as a rider to ... [more]
On the heels of FDA chief nominee Scott Gottlieb’s pro-vaping remarks during his confirmation hearing comes more news from Washington that could be good news for vapers: Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has resigned. Murthy made headlines as well as some enemies late last year when he sent out a [more]
A new study from CDC researchers has revealed that vaping is the most popular quitting smoking aid in the US. It might not sound exciting, but when you take a look at the numbers, the study strongly suggests that vaping is helping more smokers quit than FDA-approved treatments. The post [more]
Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Deal – 22% Off
Kaos Spectrum 220W Mod by Sigelei – Just $38.99 Safe to say the Sigelei Spectrum mod has grabbed the attention of vapers everywhere. Our Neil reviewed the Spectrum mod and while he liked it he wasn’t so sure on the flashing light effects. As he keeps saying though, the young folk [more]
TPD Compliance! TPD Regulations! TPD Sale! For those of us who battled the EU over vaping laws (a battle which ended in a messy compromise), the term TPD has become part of our vocabulary. And now the term TPD now seems to be used on every vaping website and forum! [more]
Healthy Kids Can Coexist with Flavored E-cigarettes for Adults – Competitive Enterprise Institute (blog)
Competitive Enterprise Institute (blog)Healthy Kids Can Coexist with Flavored E-cigarettes for AdultsCompetitive Enterprise Institute (blog)I'm “heartless” and “don't care about the welfare of children.” At least, that is what I'll be accused of when I say authorities should not ban the sale of fruit and [more]
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer's dedication to improving health standards in the city is being questioned as he pushes to add electronic cigarettes and ... [more]
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that e-cigarettes are now the top method smokers use to quit smoking. But the organization threw in a negative aspect of their report by proclaiming that most smokers who use e-cigarettes fail to completely give up tobacco cigarettes. CDC released its [more]
Our Limitless LMC 200W box mod review takes a look at the dual battery powerhouse device: will it become your go-to-device, or gather dust at the back of your collection? The post Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod Review appeared first on E cigarette Reviewed. [more]
A Billion Lives – Reviewed
A Must Watch Hard Hitting Documentary about Vaping E-cigarette documentary A Billion Lives is now available for download and so armed with a ton of expectation [and popcorn] I sat back to watch. For those not in the know A Billion Lives looks at the battle lines drawn between Big [more]
It’s safe to say nicotine has a pretty bad reputation. From exaggerated claims about how toxic it is to the unfortunately widespread myth that it causes cancer, it’s long been viewed as a menace. As soon as e-cigarettes came on the scene, they were viewed as a menace [more]
Will the government stop e-cigarettes? – VICE News
VICE NewsWill the government stop e-cigarettes?VICE NewsElectronic cigarettes and other tobacco alternatives have developed into a multibillion-dollar industry in the U.S. Now, the industry is at a tipping point of continued growth or total collapse —even though it's still unclear how safe the devices ... [more]
... are sponsoring legislation that would bar the sale of flavored tobacco products in Oakland, including possibly vape juice for electronic cigarettes, ... [more]
The atmosphere for vaping in Britain has generally been far more positive than it is in the United States, ever since the Royal College of Physicians declared that vaping is at least 95 percent safer than smoking. But now another British organization has done an undercover operation that has resulted in [more]
For a smoker first making the switch to vaping, or for a vaper who wants to keep things as simple as possible, finding the best vape pen on the market is a big priority. So here’s our list of the best vape pens currently on the market, from the [more]
VG VS PG In E Liquid: All You Need To Know
What Is PG & VG In E Juice? Every morning, as I sit down to enjoy my morning’s first coffee (first of many), I thank my lucky stars for the miraculous technology that allows me to pair it with a delicious e-liquid of my choice and get the fog [more]
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E-Cigarette Tax Fix Moves Forward In Kansas – HPPR
HPPRE-Cigarette Tax Fix Moves Forward In KansasHPPRAt the end of the historically long 2015 session, the Legislature approved a bill that included a 20-cent tax on the liquid used to create a vapor in electronic cigarettes. The tax technically came into effect at the start of 2017, but the Kansas ...and more &[more]
In addition, the distribution of nicotine delivery devices, including e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes, vape pens and e-hookahs, sold in combination with ... [more]
While anti-smokers and health advocates bemoan the fact that people are still smoking, one company seems to believe that it’s only a matter of time before smoking is gone for good: tobacco giant Philip Morris. The company is spending large amounts of money on new facilities that focus on [more]
Our Vista Vapors review takes a look at the mixers' Happy Tongue premium line of juices and some of the more affordable blends on offer: are the e-liquids as good as they sound? Are the premium lines worth the extra money? We've had a vape to find out. The post [more]
Mouth To Lung (MTL) VS Direct To Lung (DTL) Vaping: What’s The Difference?
Explained: MTL (Mouth to Lung) and DTL (Direct to Lung) Vaping Types Menu: Vaping Style: Mouth To Lung (MTL) How To Vape MTL Why Vape MTL What Nicotine, PG & VG To Use For MTL Vaping What Coil Types For MTL Vaping Vaping Style: Direct To Lung (DTL) How To [more]
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