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Electronic Cigarettes: Are They Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes?Yahoo NewsDeemed "safer," electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, have earned a reputation as an alternative for traditional cigarettes. There's a hot ...and more » [more]
But, teens are still showing a worrisome level of interest in e-cigarettes. The CDC released a survey in June that found last year just 11 percent of high ... [more]
Fantasy Football Savings Event
Fantasy football? How about fantasy e-cigarette savings? In honor of the start of the American football season, we would like to offer our customers an instant 15% discount off your entire order. Just use the code FANTASY at checkout and watch those savings appear. SPECIAL OFFER: Spend $200 or more and get [more]
Our updated Vapebox review takes a look at the subscription service that offers a selection of hardware in addition to curated juices, delivered to your door every month.The post Vapebox Review – Updated! appeared first on E cigarette Reviewed. [more]
Joyetech eGrip 2 Review
Introduction – Joyetech EGrip II Kit If you’ve read my review of the Joyetech VTwo Mini you’ll know I’ve got a few Joyetech devices in my stash, many of which I use on a day to day basis. One type of mod that I didn’t have was [more]
Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review The Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette is a great introduction to a range of vaping products that's completely unlike anything else on the market. Continue reading → Vapegrl [more]
In response to the damage already done in Pennsylvania, Representative Jeff Wheeland is introducing... [more]
My cat is a curious sort. If there’s somewhere you don’t want her to go or something you don’t want her to chew on, you better believe she’ll do it. So when I started having bottles of e-juice around the house, I was understandably cautious. A [more]
E-cigarettes do help smokers quit – Irish Health
Irish HealthE-cigarettes do help smokers quitIrish HealthElectronic cigarettes do appear to help people quit smoking, a major assessment of available evidence has revealed. According to the findings, no serious side-effects are linked with their use for up to two years, however more studies are needed to ... [more]
Toward the end of his tenure, Boehner worked to weaken FDA oversight of electronic cigarettes and cigars, an effort that other members of Congress ... [more]
Our Vaponaute review takes a look at the five juices from the all-day vape friendly 24 line and the five in the more complex, rich and unique E-Journeys collection. Are they worth picking up?The post Vaponaute Review appeared first on E cigarette Reviewed. [more]
Kanavape Review + Satijah CBD E-Liquid
Vaping and CBD E-Liquids – A Personal View of the Kanavape Hemp CBD Cig-a-Like There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence out there about the alleged health benefits of CBD oil and as someone with various mental and physical health issues I was intrigued to find out more. But first a [more]
How to Clean a Clearomizer Learn how to clean a clearomizer with this easy and fast guide. Works with most modern disposable clearomizers. Continue reading → Vapegrl [more]
Should Clinicians Recommend E-cigarettes to Their Patients who Smoke? Yes. – Medscape
Burton MailShould Clinicians Recommend E-cigarettes to Their Patients who Smoke? Yes.MedscapeIn England, general population surveys have shown that electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are now the most popular source of support for a smoker trying to quit. The second most popular method—going without any support ("cold turkey")—has [more]
The hearing will come about two months after a Queens businessman pulled his proposal for a vape shop selling vaporizers and electronic cigarettes ... [more]
Are you on the market for a quality mod that comes with a great tank? And all that for a pretty reasonable price? If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider the Eleaf iStick 60W TC with Melo 2 tank. This newest addition to the iStick series is [more]
Aspire Atlantis EVO Tank Review
Aspire Atlantis EVO Introduction The new Aspire Atlantis EVO tank is the follow up to the first mass market sub ohm tank to hit our shelves, the Atlantis. The original was a game changer that brought sub ohm vaping to the masses without the need of ‘build your own’ sub [more]
Disposable E-Cigarettes I think it’s likely that a lot of new and potential e-smokers start off by buying disposable e-cigarettes, or at least think about doing so. It makes sense; most companies charge less for their disposable e-cigarettes than they do for … Continue reading → Vapegrl [more]
I still remember the time a customer wound up one of our customer services team by requesting a dual-triple horizontal-vertical kryptonite coil. Perhaps because of the amount of coils coming in, she passed on the request to our product manager – to much merriment. Or perhaps it was due to the [more]
E-cigarettes now banned in B.C. workplaces, parks and beaches –
Globalnews.caE-cigarettes now banned in B.C. workplaces, parks and beachesGlobalnews.caA vaporizer is defined as an electronic cigarette or other device that contains a power source and heating element that's designed to heat a substance to produce a vapour to be inhaled through the mouth. “E-cigarettes have been [more]
The adult smoking rate has also declined, she said, from 25.6 percent in 2011 to 22.9 percent. Thirty-seven million fewer packs of cigarettes were sold ... [more]
Important news: PrimeVapor changes checkout process
All sellers of electronic cigarettes are now required to confirm that anyone purchasing their products must be at least 18 years of age or older. While PrimeVapor has always asked users of our website to confirm their age, we are now required to confirm the age of anyone actually purchasing from [more]
; Back in the cigalike days of e-cigarettes, high VG e-juice was basically unheard of. The most popular mix in those days was 80% PG, with much more PG than VG. But over the past few years, as vaping technology has evolved, vapers have started making different choices. High VG e-liquid seems [more]
12 Best Box Mods & Vape Mods of 2016 – Must Read Guide
Which Box MOD Is The Best? We Take A Look At Our Top Picks For 2016 Menu: Click for 20-40W Box mods Click for 50-70W Box mods Click for 80W+ Box mods Updated September 2016: 2015 / 2016 saw the vaping industry boom with new advances in e cig technology and the vape [more]
Vaping V Smoking
Dating back thousands of years, smoking is now ingrained as a dark stain in recent human history. Initially thought to have spiritual and medicinal properties, the act of smoking traditional tobacco became popular in Europe in the 16th century. The invention of automated cigarette manufacturing machines around the turn of [more]